Who We Are

We are a is a multi-generational surfboard company whose makes it a point that “It’s not just a board—It’s Personal.”

Greg Mungall is from Coco Beach, Florida and is past professional surfer from the 1970s-1990s traveling the world surfing against the world’s best and beating many.

Greg is the mastermind and has been building boards since he was in high school and using epoxy resin for 35 years. The Next Generation family is committed to finding your next surfboard in its ability to deliver you the ride of your life by using our stringerless Altra Suspension System that Greg has been working on for over 30 years.

Give us the chance, and we'll deliver you the sickest stick you've ever ridden!

About Greg

Greg has been passionate about surfing since he was 12 years old hauling 40 pound boards up the beach as a grom for the local surfers at Coca Beach, Florida.

We can say that surfing was Greg's first love... or love at first sight. Ever since he graduated High School, he has been on a mission to spend as much time as he can in the water and spread the joy of surfing to those around him. Even taking the occasional stranger into the water for the first time.

Greg's passion is spending time with his family, especially while in the water, and making some of the most high performance surfboards in the world.

What is the Altra Suspension System?

Altra Suspension System - Skin Technology

The Altra Suspension System is a proprietary design developed by Greg Mungall that he has been using on his stringerless boards for over 30 years.

The unique lines that are visible on the deck and bottom of our boards are not stringers, but the foundation of our Altra Suspension System. This is the most important feature of our boards that set us apart and separate us from a typical board and other systems out there.

We strategically place the Altra Suspension System on the surface of the board while ensuring the connection to the skin on the board to created the ultimate strength to performance ratio. The system is made out of composite material that are formed specifically per board and application. The composite material provides the strength to serve as the axis points for our controlled flex system, allowing for an optimum flex pattern for the rider in varying wave conditions.

So in short, the Altra Suspension System creates a controlled systematic energy flex pattern that runs from the nose to the tail of your board in which it enhances the strength that increases the performance of the board while reducing the possibility of breaking or buckling the board. When a surfer applies pressure and weight to the deck of the board, the suspension system works together to generate increased power and speed enabling the surfer to go places and do things on waves that were only dreamt of.

The Altra Suspension System allows the board to feel alive.”

In Depth History of Greg and The Family

"It's not a board, it's personal." Greg Mungall has been passionate about surfing since he was 12 years old hauling 40lb boards up the beach as a grom for the local surfers at Coca Beach, Florida. We can say surfing was Greg's first love...or love at first sight! Greg is passionate about the ocean, surfboards, surfboard construction, surfboard fins and his family.

Herbie Fletcher hauled Greg to California in 1976 after he won the Waverider Florida Pro at 1st Peak at Sebastian Inlet beating the world's best surfers. Back then, Floridians were not liked by the West Coast surfing community and surfing industry. "That's OK," he says, he came with a mission to prove East Coast surfers ripped and rip he did. Shaun Tompson told Greg's son Daniel at the Orlando, Florida show in 2014, that Greg gave him a run for his money in competition. Greg was a fierce paddler with a fierce agenda, a loner with nothing to lose and surfing all out. The California surf scene learned they had to deal with Greg and he was not going away. He came to stay proving not only the ability to surf but also winning the famous Katin Pro surfing competition at Huntington Beach pier in 1979 against the IPS's world champs Rabbit Bartholomew, 1976 world champ Peter Townend, Hot Rockie, and Jim Banks.

Sponsorship was meager in those days and Greg had to learn to pay for his world travels in the IPS. He had already been building surfboard fins with the direction of his late father Bob Mungall while he was a teenager living in Coco Beach, Florida. Greg first constructed his surfboard fins out of fruit crates and when Clark Foam came out with high density foam, he was the first to use it to make composite foam fins. Working and competing was all he knew and he did it well. As time went on he found he had a true passion for designing and constructing surfboards and fins and then realized the importance of creating better performing equipment and this landed him into the world of epoxy, Styrofoam, and his renowned Altra Suspension System.

Greg's Altra Suspension System is a "stringerless board life force" and the heart of his surfboard construction. Greg used such material during the first Oceanside Longboard Contest in 1985 (which he won). Other competitors rode 16-17 pound superlight longboards, Greg quietly laughed as he won the event on his 10 1/2lb longboard. The power and performance his boards allowed him blew away the field. He realized the need to control the flex in his boards while giving them strength and endurance, so he turned once again, to his late father Bob Mungall. Mr. Mungall was a NASA aerodynamic engineer and together they began the process of understanding board flexes, etc and worked together for the next 15 years until his father's passing in 2005. Greg says he enjoyed all the conversations of theory of construction with his father and the advancement of the Altra Suspension System continues and drive his passion for surfing and surfboard construction keeps going. Greg has held his cards close to his chest with only a few seeing the suspension system process and most of those folks are his direct family.

Greg married Duranne Collins in 1986, the daughter of Lance Collins of Wave Tools Surfboards. Together they have four children that had no choice but to be born and raised into surfing and the surfing industry. All four children have a passion for the ocean and building boards and a few years ago at the suggestion to change the name of his company from their friend Matt Biolas of Lost, Greg and his son Daniel aptly named their surfboard company Next Generation Surfboards. The oldest, their daughter Alexsis (she is a mermaid) and is found surfing and paddling loving anything related to the ocean. Daniel built his first desktop CNC machine his freshman year in high school and as he was graduating, he built a full scale 14 foot CNC machine cutting blanks out of blocks of Styrofoam and milling them on his machine. He has since modified it to cut 18 foot race boards; he now has a passion for surfboard designs! River is the test pilot who works to surf bringing in sales here in California and more recently, Kauai. And the youngest, Dakota builds his own bodysurfing hand planes and surfboards and can be found hanging around the shop just to be with his dad. Greg's wife Duranne, paints all the boards and does the ding repairs (give her a call). "We make boards for the love of it as a Surf Family. It's not just a board, it's a passion, it's family, it's friends, it's personal."


1st Place 1976 Waverider Florida Pro

1st place 1979 Katin Team Challenge

1st Place 1985 Oceanside Longboard Championship

2nd Place 1986 Bells Beach Longboard event (won a coveted silver bell)